Susan, Eugene,Justus and John’s Country is having troubles

Do you guys remember these camp leaders?
Susan (2002-2006), Justus (2002-2004) and John (2006-2007).
What is the one thing which is common for all three of them?
Yes they are all from Kenya. These days we are hearing a lot about Kenya.
Do you know why?
Well, it is rather unfortunate that there have been violence (バイオランス) happening in Kenya.
About 800 people have lost their lives because of violence.
If possible please find why these violences are happing in Kenya?
What are the actions that are taken by other countries to stop this problem in Kenya?
If possible please try to contact those camp leaders and try to find out how their family members and friends are doing?
Please use the below mention website to find information.


Wedding Ceremony in Sri Lanka

On December 27th 2007, beautiful Wedding ceremony was held in Colombo, the biggest city in Sri Lanka.
It was in December but it was summer in Colombo.
I enjoyed my stay there a lot.

The Scenery of Colombo

Can you guess who is this beautiful bride?

It's Arosha!
She was a camp leader of EIC2002,2003, 2004, 2005.
The ceremony started in 10:30am and it continued until 16:30pm.
We cerebrated the happiest couple in the world.

Happy Marriage!


A very special year

Happy New Year!

2008 is a very special year for Kumon.
We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary!It is going to be a very big event, where so many Kumon associates and instructors from around the world going to gather in Tokyo.

2008 is going to be a very special year for EIC office too!
We will be holding the 2nd Ambassadors of Peace Network (APN)annual gathering in Osaka on 16th March. We will let you know more details about the event in the near future. All of us are looking forward to seeing you there.

Stay warm!


A Happy New Year !

Hi, EIC Family members!


How are you spending your "OSHOGATSU" ?
Have you had new wishes for 2008 ?

Maybe some of you are sitting in front of TV for a long time and laughing with comedy.But on the other hand, some serious TV programs are going to be broadcasted to let the people notice the terrible situation that we are facing.

1/1 (Tue) NHK 21:40-22:40「未来への提言スペシャル」

1/4 (Fri) TV Asahi 19:00~23:10 「特別番組・地球危機2008~何気なく暮らしている人たちへ」

If you have time, please check it and talk with your family or friends about it.

One more information for Ambassadors of World Peace is…
As you know, in this July, at Hokkaido Toya-ko, G8 summit will be held.
One of the main topics will be “Environment”, and related with G8 summit,
“UNICEF” is organizing a very nice event called “J8 (Junior 8) summit”.

Please check the HP and if you have interest, try to apply it.


Kensuke Torii

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