The history of Ibasho House 居場所ハウスのあゆみ

When Global Network Team (GNT) held 3rd Tohoku Trip in March 2014, Tohoku trip members visited ‘Ibasho House’ in Massaki Town, Ofunato city, Iwate Prefecture. They had a good time cooking traditional food in Iwate as well as Filipino and Vietnamese food together with local people.
We would like to introduce “The history of Ibasho House” which is written about its activities.


Ibasho House is crucial gathering place for local people based on its mission below. They take it for granted that they do what they can do. It was 1st anniversary in June, 2014. Furthermore, it has started a farm from the end of August and a morning market from the end of October. Please have a look at “The history of Ibasho House”.
* “The history of Ibasho House” is written only in Japanese.


Ibasho House Website  居場所ハウス ウェブサイト

Ibasho PrinciplesIbahsoの理念

Older people are a valuable asset to the community (Elder Wisdom)

Creating informal gathering places (Normalcy)

Community members drive development and implementation (Community Ownership)

Local culture and traditions are respected (Culturally Appropriate)

All residents participate in normal community life (De-marginalization)

All generations are involved in the community (Multi-generational)

Communities are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable (Resilience)

Growth of the community is organic and embraces imperfection gracefully (Embracing Imperfection)

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