There are many people in Big apple New York City who lost touch with their dreams,
But if you travel around the world many people think that New York is the best place to be in the world. But when you are here you feel lost. New York is a great place for anybody who wants to learn to live like an Ambassador of World Peace.

Because you learn from many things from many people and you live with many people from different cultures around the world. Nana is enjoying the little moments in New York for now.

Never ever give up because you are not able to do something that you want to, but rather focus on how to make better the next time you try doing it again. New York teaches people how to be patient and understanding, I believe if you have a dream you will always try your best to see them go through. Dreams are good because they keep you on track for the future. Hey fellows never ever trade your dreams for money, because when the money finishes you will be left alone without a dreams as well. Myself and Marian are doing well and hope to see you all soon.

What can we do for the terribe desaster?

Everyday terrible news are reported from Myanmar and China.
Do you know who is the camp leaders from these countries?
Yimon is from Myanmar and Norman is from China.

Her family are fine in Myanmar.
But the situation is serious because all the prices have gone up and became too expensive, and also not enough food.
Now, the Myanmar APU students including Yimon are working very hard raising fund to help the victim.

What can we do for Myanmar and China?
Whenever I find the fund-raising box, I will donate to the fund.
Each time 100yen, it seems a small amount, but if I do it many times then that will be big money. I think the most important thing is always be councious about the world.

Sachie from EIC Office


English game that helps the world!

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that you can play a game, improve your English, have fun and help the world all at the same time?? It's possible!

There is a free English vocabulary game on the internet. For every correct answer, the website will donate rice to the UN World Food Program. The game is called FreeRice and you can find it here: http://www.freerice.com/

Let's do our best to get as many correct answers as possible!


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