My dream came true in 2012

Hello everyone!!!!!! This is Pubu. Camp leader2009-2011 from Sri lanka. How are you doing??? I think everyone started school and university, so everyone so busy. How is 2012??? Good???. Today I want to share about one thing..
My dream came true in 2012 In 2009 I heard about Kumon for the first time Members of Kumon Global Network Team (GNT) came to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) for the information session. That was the first time for me to meet GNT members. By listening to the camp leader recruiting information session I felt like, “I want to work in Kumon”. What is the reason? Why Kumon not other company? There was a war in Sri Lanka for 26 years and the
war finished in May 2009. So there are children who didn’t go to school for 26 years and they don’t know how to write or to read. So I always think; I am very lucky to have the chance to study at school, I came to Japan to study. But what about children who has affected from the war??? What can I do to help them? Kumon gives knowledge and chance study; if we study hard we can be more knowledgeable. I want to give knowledge and the chance to study to the kids those who don’t have a place to study and give the chance to build their own dreams. So I worked hard from 2009 and joined EIC as a camp leader for 3 years. Then one day I got a mail from Kumon, Kumon is recruiting new workers for GNT. I applied but I wasn’t accepted. I learned from the mistakes I did and I didn’t give up, I also wanted to apply for Kumon office in Singapore. At that
time I got another email, informing Kumon is recruiting again so I applied again. 1st time I couldn’t do the test and interview well, because I was nervous. But the 2nd time I worked hard, I did better and I was confident. Later I got a mail from Kumon with the best news in my life!!! I got selected to work in Kumon. That day is one of the happiest days for me and my dream of working in Kumon came true 2012. So now I am working in Kumon GNT and I am much excited and very happy. Now I am working very hard to fulfill my dreams. So never give up on your dreams. There are times that you have to fail but take it as an opportunity to learn about your mistakes and next time try your best. So let’s try our best!!!! Never give up, keep a dream and work hard for your dreams. “So try and try one day you will fly!!!!”

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