My thoughts from the 3rd Tohoku trip in 2014

2014年 第3回東北トリップに参加して思うこと

Dream jichan (Prof. Akihiro Chiba) 
ドリームじいちゃん (千葉杲弘先生)

It is such a sorrowful thing that happy moments stop. Cruel, hard times begin after happy moments stop. Members of the 2014 Tohoku trip both learned and seriously thought about what, "Happy moments stop,"
means, when they visited Yuriage, the first stop of the trip.


2:46 PM. March 11th. 2011. Time in Yuriage has stopped. The terrifying Tsunami has attacked many precious lives, and the town has disappeared. Despair, nothingness, sadness, pain, and hardships in Yuriage have begun.We were impressed with the people of Yuriage, who bravely stood up to the challenge of recovering fully.


Narrators of folktales speak softly and positively by keeping sadness deep inside their hearts. What if the tsunami hadn’t come? What if people had escaped more quickly? Children would still happily be going to school. If we were to imagine our own children to be the ones who had passed away, they said, time would surely stop in our hearts as well.


The rainbow across Yuriage is beautiful; it is the linking bridge of hope from a town of debris to one of recovery. Many housewives make wishes and invoke this hope through the use of Rainbow Acryl Eco scrubbing brushes. They say, "Let’s clean up this town hurt by natural disasters and make the most beautiful town in Japan! The rainbow is the linking bridge to the world! Let’s clean the world’s town to make Yuriage’s wishes come true!"


One photo, which was found out in debris, is the only evidence linking family, who became victims, and myself, who is still alive. It is destroyed beyond recognition.Yet..a miracle has happened in Ofunato. Father and Mother's smiles in the photo have been revived by Satoko Kinno, who rescues memories!
Hope from happy days!


Human beings are irresistible to Nature's fierceness. For elderly people who've lost all of their relatives, anger bears loneliness and sadness and yet has nowhere to address their anger. An elderly woman has found a home for her heart in a place named, “Ibasho House” of Ofunato. Everyone was touched by an elderly woman waving to children saying, “Come back again.”



Highest Building in Japan

Hello, everyone! This is Mika from Global Network Team.
How are you? How is your summer vacation?
I joined EIC2014 (Biwako1 & 2) as a camp staff. I really enjoyed it.

After EIC, I had a summer vacation! I visited a great place in Tennoji, Osaka, which I have lived in for 15 years. Do you know the ABENO HARUKAS?

It is the highest building in Japan which rises 300 meters from the ground and has 62 floors. I went to observatory "Harukas 300", which is in 58th-60th floors.

The scenery was so beautiful. You can see a lot of famous sightseeing places in Osaka from it. When you visit Osaka, you should visit ABENO HARUKAS!! I really recommend it!

Moreover, there is an ABENO HARUKAS mascot called “Abeno Bear”.
He is so cute! You can meet him!

Where did you visit in your summer vacation? Is there any good place?
Please introduce it to EIC family on BBS!!

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