Letter from EIC Family!!!

Hello, EIC family! How are you doing ?

This year, EIC Office hold 2 summer camps at Yokohama and Hachikogen (Hyogo prefecture).
Both camps had great success!!!!!!

How was your summer vacation???
Did you go traveling ? swimming ?? camping ???
2 EIC members sent us a post card and letter.

Let me share their stories of what they did during summer.

A beautful post card from Taisei ( EIC 2008 participant),
This summer, he was selected to join an exchange program in Canada.
He was the youngest student in program and it was his first time to go abroad.
He was nervous at the beginning, but throughout the program he enjoyed very much.
Please take a look at his post card.

Another letter from EIC Family members is Shizuku (EIC2006 participant)
Her brother participated this year camp in Yokohama!!
She came to graduation ceremony to pick up her brother.
Ken, Dinusha, Tarta and Nurse(Manami) were very happy to meet her again!
After camp, she sent us a lovely letter with a beautiful flower that she drew to us.
Plese have a look at her letter!

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