What have you been doing? (Relay Message)

Hello EIC Family members!!!

Its me Maza (not mother - okasanjanai)

It has been 11 years since I joined EIC in 2001.
I am so interested to know what each and every EIC Family members are doing now.

I am sure those children, camp leaders and staff who I have known through in EIC have made progress in their life. Some have grown up as adult and working, some are married with children, some have moved to another countries and many more changes happening to each and everyone of us in our life.

Myself I am married for 1 year and 5 month. Living in Osaka, Japan. Working with Kumon Global Network Team.

As we continue doing EIC and the number of participants keep growing, it will be great if we can keep in touch and encourage, motivate and support one another through this method of 'relay message'.

Example if you want to know about someone who have participated in EIC (children, camp leaders, staff), where he or she is now, what that person is doing now, etc. We can find out from the 'relay message' (Person A --> Person B --> Person C...so on)
(Something like what APU Alumni is doing). Though we have BBS and even facebook EIC page they serve for different purposes. How about start keeping in touch with only for EIC Family.

What do you think?

This is only my personal suggestion.
If you have comments, ideas, opinions please share with me.
Would love to hear from everyone about this.

Warmest regards


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