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EIC website was renewed on Feb 12th 2008.
New Changes1, Change of the front page2, New EIC Family Blog.

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Written by miho


Valentine's Day

What day is today?
Yes, it's Valentine's Day.
In Japan, a lot of girls will make declare their love to boys.
In addition, chocolate is very important item on valentine's Day.
Do you know chocolate is made out of?
Cacao.Ghana is a country that is famous for cacao.
Do you remember your campleaders from Ghana ?

NANA(2001-2007), KWAME(2002-2006), YAW(2002) and LZ(2007)

NANA told us about african poverty in presentation during EIC2006-2007 and Re-union2006.
Do you know "Fair Trade"?
"Fair Trade " is one of bussiness to support poor people for acheiving FAIR payment to manage their lives.
Chocolates are also sold in Fair Trade counpany or NGO.
Becouse chocolate companies have reducted in cost for payment to sell cheap chocolate for us in developed countries.
So a lot of people can't get FAIR and ENOUGH money.
Before I have been very happy when I have bought cheap and sweet chocolates in supermarket,
but now I feel very sad, I ate cheap chocolates even though african people can't eat daily meal.
Today is Valentine's day.
I love chocolate and chocolate cake!
I will buy Fair Trade chocolates and enjoy with my husband.


Ambassadors of Peace Network ~Second Gathering

The second gathering of Ambassadors of PeaceNetwork will take place on March 16th inOsaka. This conference, will be an idealplace to re-strengthen our network andre-energies our selves to make this worlda better place.

Please Click this page!!

●EnglishThe sebound annualgathering of APN

Deadline for apprication:2008/02/08 (Fax or E-mail)
Date: 16th of March 2008
    ※11:00am to 17:00pm(Reception will open at 10:00am)
Place:Japan Kumon Headquarters B1 Hall
Nishi-nakajima 5-6-6 Yodogawa-Ku,
    Osaka-shi Osaka 〒532-8511 JAPAN.

We can download the map from here↓
Japan Kumon Headquarters Map


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