Summer Vacation!

Hello, everyone! This is Tatsu from Global Network Team. How’ve you been? I’ve been busy with preparation for EIC 2014!  But, I’m doing well and excited to join EIC this year!

Speaking of your summer vacation, are you having fun? I’m very jealous of you! I don’t have summer vacation like you!  Please share what you have been doing and your plan for summer vacation.
I want to know about it!

I used to go back to my permanent house in summer.Who is going to visit your grandma & grandpa’s house? I’m from countryside, so, I like to spend in the mountain and feel the nature sometimes.  Who do you like to go to countryside? Please share your experience in countryside.

Or who is going to travel abroad? Asia? Europe? America & Canada? I know you are international person who can communicate in English! Traveling abroad makes you learn and enjoy very much! Bring souvenirs for GNT ok?

I miss Summer vacation! Please enjoy it for us and share lots of stories in English, ok?
We want to know more more stories from you!

Drink lots of water and stay healthy!



The FIFA World Cup 2014 (BRAZIL)…

Do you know what the world cup is?
Well if not the FIFA world cup or sometimes just called the World Cup is an international soccer/football competition contested by senior soccer teams from different countries around the world. The world cup started in 1930 and takes place once every four years. This year the world cup is taking place in Brazil.

This year the world has been full of surprises and it’s very hard to predict who is going to win, because the current champions (SPAIN) are already out of the competition. Which team are you supporting? This year unfortunately Japan was knocked out of the competition, but they tried their best and did you know that the Japanese supporters that went to Brazil to watch the Japanese team cleaned their stadium seats after watching the game. This amazed a lot of people around the world.

Let’s all enjoy the world cup!!! 

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