My 1st trip to Nepal!

Hello EIC Family Members!! It’s me, JANE ;)

Hope everyone is doing great! Did you enjoy your summer vacation?
I certainly did! What did you do? I went to Nepal with Yuko (EIC Staff) Waiwai, and Manami (2 Awesome EIC Nurses).

Let me share what I did and interesting facts about Nepal!

We visited 2 cities; Kathmandu and Pokhara. Pokhara is a city that is very close to the Himalayas and the view is amazing, we can actually see the Himalayas, also we did paragliding! It was scary at first, but then it became very fun!

1. Did you know? A popular and cheap ‘fast food’ is the Momo. Delicious dumplings made from flour and water filled with different fillings like chicken, meat or vegetables either fried or steamed and served with a dipping sauce. We tried so many, and it was delicious!

2. Did you know? That the flag of Nepal is the world’s only national flag that ISN’T a square.

3. Did you know? That in Nepal, it is common for kids to go to school from Sunday to Friday, so only one day off on Saturdays.

We had such a wonderful time! For me, it is always interesting to learn new things and I was able to learn many things through seeing the reality, meeting the people, tasting the food and experience the culture of Nepal. Please if you have a chance, visit Nepal. It is one of my recommended places to go.

Before I go I have a few questions for you:
1. What is the Capital City of Nepal?
2. Can you name a few CLs who are from Nepal?
3. How do you say hello in Nepali? And which country also uses the same word?

Let’s share your answers in Let’s chat in BBS!

PS. Did you hear about our Overseas StudyTour in Indonesia(Jogjarkarta) in December? It will be a great opportunity to join the trip and Experience the World, and to learn more aboutIndonesian Culture and see the reality!

For more information, please check our website!

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